Monday, July 16, 2007

Painting With Light and Sprint

When I first got into photography I was attracted to the magic of light exposing film and then watching the prints develop in the darkroom. Right away I started experimenting with light painting. Basically it's the technique of keeping your shutter open as you move a light source inside the frame. The effect is very cool. It is also very difficult to control. That is why it is usually avoided in most commercial applications. I continued to experiment with it all the way through college. Then I entered the world of advertising photography. Where everything is pre planned and tightly controlled and I concentrated on learning the techniques of lighting commercial products for advertising. I love lighting and controlling light but I constantly have to remind myself that you need to experiment. Sometimes you need to let go and just see what happens. I think that's why I like this Sprint commercial so much. It reminds me of the magic that can happen if you just let loose and play around a little. The funny thing is that I know this commercial was highly planned out. It's a national tv ad it didn't just happen in a weekend. I still think the creators embraced the idea that not everything has to be perfect and I like that.

This commercial combines both the light-painting technique and flipbook animation (see "Coolest Girl" post below) technique. I think the end result is very cool.

Be sure to watch the second clip also. It shows the Japanese troop pika pika behind the scenes (and in the frame) creating these drawings. For geeks like me this is almost cooler then the ad........almost.